Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Unleash the Beast!

Just over a week until the raucous Barelesque VI - Unleashed! is upon us in all its rampant beastly glory. The Minxes and I have been busy bees preparing what will be the greatest show on earth (or, more modestly, London....) in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust.

The Minxes and I have worked hard and played hard to deliver cabaret's answer to a debauched royal banquet. Barelesque's sixth outing will yet again showcase delightfully eclectic talents from animalistic neo-burlesque, musical numbers straight from the devil to delicious drag kings.

Along with a lip-smacking show we will also have our fun-packed auction filled with designer lingerie and experiences up for grabs.

Here's our latest trailer - it's playful, silly and ruddy sexy just the way we like it at Barelesque HQ!

Artwork by Miss Morphic

Grab yourself some sexy by booking tickets here 

See you on the 20th my fierce creatures!


Monday, 10 February 2014

Birthday Princesses and Drama Dames

Copyright: Craig Richmond

Happy 2014 Sexy Bitches!

 I’ve returned to this blog after a shamefully long absence (my alter ego started writing too - I’m too many people sometimes!) and there have been colourful times since my last post.

Last year The Rebel Rebels said goodbye with a glorious final show with all the eclecticism and fun that fans loved about the troupe of five very different women with diverse tastes - it always worked out magically and that was the beauty of it. We stuck two glittery fingers up at cynical marketing while having a jolly good time doing so. The start of February this year saw Little Miss Naughty and I put on Birthday Blitz to celebrate our wintry birthdays along with Lolly Pops’. It was a packed one-off show and we felt so blessed to see our friends, family and Rebel Rebel fans come out in full force. As well as Rebel show favourites and the too-bloody-handsome Lucky van den Boon returning as host, we were honoured to welcome to the stage Manchester’s finest The Sassy Tassels and a couple of my mad bad Barelesque sisters - Miss Morphic debuting her fierce Big Bad Wolf number and Miss Cy as the sexiest murderess you ever did see.

Of course, there was one act I just had to do for Birthday Blitz - Dirty Diana. In a nutshell, Dirty Diana is an X-rated 1980s take on the Audrey Hepburn classic Roman Holiday with a little inspiration from claims in Cleo Rocos’ book about an alleged night out with England’s favourite rose. Dirty Diana got her first outing at Barelesque V - Through the Ages back in September and she’s enormous fun to play from sleazy choreography to Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax to imitating those legendary coy yet sometimes mischievous facial expressions.

For me my latest creation is the perfect balance of dance and acting, the latter I’m finding to be the biggest passion. Last summer, I attended improv workshops largely out of curiosity. The first evening was terrifying - going straight into a role and interacting with other characters with absolutely no preparation! Argh! But I quickly caught the improv bug and thrived on every new challenge thrown at me. Improv also reminded me of why I enjoyed drama at school and youth groups - there’s a thrill of getting into the mindset of another person and going through something akin to spirit possession. And it’s a joy to collaborate with others and I’m realising that I’m not the lone wolf that I thought I was. This year I hope to further explore drama and enrich my performances by doing so.

I hasten to add that I have not abandoned dance in favour of acting! Since December I have been attending weekly Latin and Ballroom classes with my gorgeous man. The rumba is currently my favourite due its pure sensuality. Belly dance is still a passion of mine which, like the rumba, has that subtle yet intoxicating eroticism.

Barelesque returns to the RVT on March 20th with Unleashed!  - a night of wild animals, chaos and mayhem all in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust. I will debut a new act which will deliver ferocity, sexiness and laughs - my three favourite elements in performance.  

Here’s to a 2014 of creativity, new adventures and passion!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Viva Rebel Rock!

Copyright: Craig Richmond

Last week saw the tremendous success of the beautifully sleazy Barelesque 4: CineSex! in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust. Hosted by the divinely foul mouthed Ophelia Bitz, CineSex! saw astounding performances from Arcane Sin's surrealism with a continental twist to the too-damn-hot Bugsy Malone cross dressing turned filthy lap dancing of Jada Love.The auction was bigger and better than ever before with frenzied bidding on, amongst many other delights, a boudoir photo shoot, a course of singing lessons and sizzling lingerie. Barelesque keeps going from strength to strength and the Barelesque Minxes and I are really looking forward to thrilling audiences and raising more cash for a brilliant charity at the next event.

Barelesque 4: CineSex! also saw the debut of my new 70s Vampire act which is a loving if nonsensical tribute to the Queens of Scream from Hammer and European horror films of what I personally view as a golden age of cinema. All I can say is that I'm heavily indebted to late night Channel 4 during my formative years.

If you missed the debut of my oversexed blood thirsty creation, 70s Vampire will be visiting Bar Elixir in Camden this Saturday for Viva Rebel Rock! - the final show of my burlesque family The Rebel Rebels. After over three years of being the comedy misfits of burlesque, The Rebel Rebels have decided to call it a day due to grown up commitments. It's been wonderful being in a troupe with four funny, intelligent and strong women. 

Copyright: Jon Topper
The beauty of The Rebel Rebels is that each artist portrays their own bold character yet simultaneously compliments the rest of the group with their individuality. And our rehearsals are a wine-soaked scream! The Rebel Rebels are burlesque's answer to The Spice Girls (and no, being blonde and the youngest certainly does not make me Baby!) and proves that you do not have to conform in order to entertain.

Viva Rebel Rock! will be hosted by the handsomest man alive Lucky van den Boon and guest performers include musical boy wonder J'onn J'onzz, gorgeous Eljay and her ukulele, and the instrumental genius that is Paul Browse with his secret weapon - a fish slice!

So come join me and the other Rebel Rebels - Lolly Pops, Betsy Bliss, More More Kensington and Little Miss Naughty - for one last party of burlesque and live music. Decadent mourning dress optional and what a fabulous option it is.

Viva Rebel Rock! is on Saturday 27th April at Bar Elixir, Eversholt Street, Camden. Doors open at 7pm, Show at 8pm.

£7 tickets for Viva Rebel Rock! are available here:

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Barelesque 4: CineSex! - Ready for the Close-Up!

Next week, Barelesque returns to the RVT with a sleaze-tastic tribute to the silver screen in all its lairy technicolor glory - CineSex! Hosted by the deliciously filthy Ophelia Bitz, Barelesque 4: CineSex! will be bigger and better than ever before with a divine line-up including the award winning Lolo Brow.

Along with an array of feisty twisted performances from la creme de la creme, the notorious Miss Cy will present our auction extravaganza that’s more lip-smacking than Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Auction items include beautiful lingerie from our wonderful sponsors Kiss Me Deadly, Sh! and Playful Promises, an abundance of Sh! treats, a photo shoot by Lily Moss and the chance to star in your very own bespoke movie filmed and edited by video wizard Miss Morphic!

All proceeds from Barelesque events go to the amazing charity The Albert Kennedy Trust, which supports young and vulnerable LGBT people. 

Channelling the Dietrich look! 

I have an exclusive act up my sleeve for CineSex - it will be comedic, sexy and guaranteed to make you scream! Want me to reveal more? Come to Barelesque 4: CineSex and find out!

Here's a cheeky Barelesque teaser* to get pulses racing wildly: vimeo.com/60343404

Barelesque 4: CineSex!
Wednesday 17th April
Royal Vauxhall Tavern
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

Tickets available here: http://barelesque4.eventbrite.com/


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sparkles & Briefs

Kiss Me Deadly
This week I had the pleasure of attending the Crystallized show, in the Swarovski Crystallized Lounge in the heart of London’s West End, showcasing the Spring/Summer collections of top UK lingerie and swimwear brands including Kiss Me Deadly, What Katie Did and Paolita. 

Accompanied by Monsieur du Vin and surrounded by sparkly displays of Swarovski, the drinks flowed and chocolate savoured while demonstrations were given on customising lingerie with crystals and glamming up make up with fetching jewels. 

With crystal-adorned eyes and slicked back hair, the models kicked off the catwalk show in What Katie Did. There were great new takes on What Katie Did’s distinctive vintage styles such as the vibrant red satin and sheer peach contrast bullet bra, girdle and briefs. There were also fetish-inspired garments such as a black corselette with red overstitching - a great new spin on the Bettie Page look.

Next came the eye-poppingly sexy Dirty Pretty Things with their updated spin on retro lingerie with sexy babydoll gowns in neon pink and yellow. For those not brave enough for an assault of brashness, there were white bras and briefs with neon straps and stitching.

Kiss Me Deadly, every vamp’s favourite brand, delivered the goods which included one of my personal favourites - a bralet and knickers in, naturally, leopard! Also from Kiss Me Deadly were new versions of all-time favourites such as a DeVille bra and matching panty girdle in blue.

Fred & Ginger
Next came the opulence of Fred & Ginger with the stuff that erotic dreams are made of with creations such as the floaty fabrics and ribbons of a white playsuit and the exotic ruby red bra and knickers trimmed with light-catching gold coins. The latter collection would be perfect for a belly dance routine!

Getting the crowds up for a holiday in the sun were luxury sarong specialist Poshtotti and vibrant swimwear brand Paolita. Poshtotti’s sarongs are a big step away from the usual sarongs with their luxurious fabrics and incredible versatility - you don’t need to wear anything else in the hot months (the next best thing to going au naturel!). 

Paolita were on top flamboyant form with a deco style patterned bikini in soft blue and sorbet shades of yellow and lilac. Other fun Paolita swimwear included a Mexican-inspired one-piece with blue and red floral tie-sides and bright yellow panels with sugar skulls, sparrows and roses.     

Monsieur and I had a fabulous evening at Crystallized and the length of my lingerie wishlist has trebled - you all know my birthday’s round the corner, right? It looks like Spring/Summer 2013 is going to be bright, bold and sassy!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Lucky 13

 There were many wonderful highlights for me in 2012. This was the year in which I brought to the world my Flash! and Dreamy Jeannie acts which both went down a treat with audiences. Flash! is arguably my campest number to date, with gold gogo boot-clad highkicks and saving the world with the power of flashing nipple pasties. This comedic routine finally gave me the opportunity to use music by one of the greatest bands ever - Queen.
Photo by Lily Moss
2012 was also the year that I took up belly dance which I incorporated into the funny yet fiercely erotic Dreamy Jeannie. Belly dance has really struck a chord with me and it is the sex of the dance world - it is sensual and moves from slow and hypnotic to fast and wild. I’m continuing with belly dance classes which are a joy to attend. Maybe this time next year you’ll see me shaking my hips at a Turkish restaurant near you!

A great highlight of the year was the success of Club Chardonnay - a cabaret (produced by yours truly) and wine auction (curated by my good friend and wine supremo Kenrick Bush) which raised money for Alzheimer’s Society. As I thrive on diversity, I recruited a wide variety of talent for the show including classic and neo burlesque, live music, stand up comedy and contortion - something for everyone!
Photo by Peter Livingstone
Barelesque, the bi-annual sex and body positive show in aid of Albert Kennedy Trust, has been going from strength to strength and the Barelesque Minxes were thrilled when this saucy night was nominated for an Erotic Award! A super hot fourth Barelesque outing is currently in the pipeline for Spring 2013 so look out for announcements and teasing sneak previews.

Of course, 2012 was also the year that my website and blog were launched. The website was created by the incredibly talented code72 who brought to life a website that was distinctive, fun to navigate and, naturally, deliciously kitsch! The logo with the broken heart and cartoon Honey was the work of the amazing Simon Cottingham.    

2013 looks set to be an exciting year. Along with Barelesque, there will be new adventures with The Rebel Rebels and I’ll venture beyond the South East to bring my glitter and hip-swinging to Manchester in March! I’m also looking forward to constantly learning and setting myself new thrilling challenges and, most importantly, continuing to embrace the Joie de Vivre.

Wishing all my wonderful friends, colleagues and followers a goddamn spankingly sexy 2013. Be bold, be a maverick, listen to your instincts, love like you’ve never been hurt and whatever you do do it with passion Xxx
Photo by Andrew Armitage

Friday, 2 November 2012

Barelesque casts a spell over Vauxhall

Barelesque will return with a big bang on Thursday 8th November at Royal Vauxhall Tavern. This is the third downright shameless outing of the Erotic Award nominated show which raises money for the Albert Kennedy Trust who provide support for young LGBT people.

Hosted by enfant terrible Mat Fraser, Barelesque III will take you to a dark twisted world of fairy tales and fantasies turned upside down and inside out with lashings upon lashings of smut.

As well as badass performances from established and up-and-coming talents, Barelesque also holds a lip smacking lingerie sponsored by award winning Kiss Me Deadly and Playful Promises. Yes, you don’t have to wait till Christmas for dreams to come true. There will also be sweets for guests who arrive in fairytale fancy dress and a prize for Best Dressed - Will you be the Belle or Prince of the ball?

Being a Barelesque Minx is a divine balance of work hard and play harder. We use our mix of skills and talent - from performing to PR to tech wizardry - to create body-positive and sex-positive nights of spectacular fun. Our meetings and rehearsals are evenings full of brilliant ideas, breakthroughs, moments of sheer genius, wine, gorgeous cats and a hint of nudity. 

Photo by Ana Morphic

As well as co-producing Barelesque, my new act will make its debut on the 8th of November. A lady never gives it all away but I can reveal that my latest creation will be deliciously exotic, sensual, passionate and a distorted homage to a classic US sitcom!

All proceeds from Barelesque go to the Albert Kennedy Trust

For tickets and more info please visit http://www.rvt.org.uk/event/barelesque-1

Come and join us in our magical sexy kingdom!